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Doctor Recommended Treatments For Aging Hands

What should you do when your hands start to show just how many years you have been on this planet? A doctor offering advice in The Miami Herald reminds us that there are different options depending on what is causing your hands to look aged. For some people, the issue is age spots. For many others, the problem is visible veins. And even within those categories, treatments may vary.

For people who are suffering from aged hands due to the appearance of veins, it is important to consider what is causing the change in appearance. In many instances, this is caused by a thinning of the skin as you get older. In such a case, the doctor recommends a dermal filler such as Perlane which can stimulate collagen building.

However, other people may find that dermal fillers aren't sufficient to reducing problematic veins. Instead, they may wish to look into what their other vein treatment options are. A good indicator as to whether more serious measures are needed is to assess the rest of the body for unsightly veins. If varicose veins are appearing in the legs as well as the hands, a more aggressive treatment may be required. Work with a qualified professional to determine what suits your exact needs.

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