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Regular Exercise Reduces Blood Clots

You should know by now that you need to get your exercise. Bodies that get regular exercise are just plain healthier than bodies that don't. But if you need medical proof to get you out on the treadmill, a new study shows that blood clots are reduced in people who exercise regularly.

Regular exercise is recommended for the prevention of varicose veins because it gets the blood circulating through the body. This is the same reason that regular exercise can prevent dangerous blood clotting. The study compared patients who had experienced blood clotting in leg veins or lung arteries with control subjects and found that exercise could reduce leg vein clotting by nearly twenty five percent. Reduction for lung artery clotting was even more successful.

There's the proof that you've been waiting for. Get out there and get that body moving! You only need to exercise once per week to reduce your likelihood of blood clotting. Of course, more would be a little bit better.

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