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EVLT Still Used Regularly for Vein Treatment

When we talk about vein treatment, we talk most frequently about two types of treatment. First, there is sclerotherapy. And then there is the very new technique known by the brand name VNUS Closure Fast. What we don't talk about regularly is the common laser procedure called Endovenous Laser Treatment or EVLT. Despite that it's not mentioned a lot, this remains a leading way to treat varicose veins.

EVLT is a laser treatment that is done by a vein treatment doctor to shrink and close off the vein. The major difference between EVLT and VNUS Closure Fast is that the later uses radiofrequency waves to treat the vein more quickly. The major difference between these and sclerotherapy is that the latter uses an injection to achieve the same effects. All three forms of treatment are still being used today despite that we don't always give them equal attention in the media.

To read one woman's recent success story with EVLT, head here.

Question of the Day: Which sounds better to you - sclerotherapy, EVLT or VNUS Closure Fast?

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