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Hand Surgery for Varicose Veins

A recent news report told the story of one doctor's unique method of treating varicose veins. The Illinois doctor profiled in the story uses a manual procedure in repairing the veins. He enters the body through the knee and then 'tightens' the veins with his hands. While he is recognized for this work, it doesn't seem to be the most effective modern method of varicose vein treatment.

The most efficient method available in vein treatment today would be the VNUS Closure Fast system. This treatment is a non-invasive method of entering the vein and sealing it off so that the varicose veins disappear. It would seem to be a quicker procedure (and one with a faster recovery time) than any manual procedure that can be done.

Question of the Day: Would you prefer the personal touch of a manual treatment for varicose veins or the modern method of VNUS Closure Fast?

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