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Hospitals Aren't Doing Enough Vein Disease Prevention

In a recent round-up of news stories from around the globe, WBAY-TV touched on an important issue. They reported that hospitals around the world are not doing all that they can to prevent the development of vein problems in patients who have to endure a hospital stay. This is not only unfortunate; it's risky.

"Experts say blood clots that travel to the lungs are the number one cause of preventable deaths in hospitals and changes need to be made." (source)

There are certain things that hospitals could easily due to prvent the chance that patients will experience a blood clot during their stay in the hospital. For example, they can provide patients with safe, blood-thinning drugs such as Aspirin. They could also give patients compression stockings and teach them how to use them properly in order to reduce clotting.

For some patients, varicose vein prevention in the hospital is a possibility. This can include giving the patient an opportunity to exercise the legs appropriately. It also includes elevating the legs when still and helping patients to maintain a normal body weight even during extended hospital stays.

Question of the Day: What should a hospital's role be in preventing vein problems in patients?

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