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VNUS Closure Makes Way to Nottingham

When VNUS Closure Fast was released into the varicose vein treatment market last year, it made headlines all across the United States. It is the most efficient method of treating varicose veins to date and is also a method which is highly effective. Because it reduces the pain and hassle for the patient, it rapidly gained popularity.

It appears from recent headlines that the same popularity is now being seen with the use of VNUS Closure Fast in England. A news report from Nottingham reports that the Queens Medical Centre is happy to be one of the first UK resources for obtaining this procedure.

As with news reports here in the United States (many of which involved doctors in our network), the news report from Nottingham indicates that patients are pleased with the new procedure. This means that it's likely to spread throughout the world with the same ferocity that it spread through the U.S.

Question of the Day: What country do you think will be writing headlines about VNUS Closure Fast next?

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