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Investing in Vein Treatment Makers

There are two groups of people who are highly interested in VNUS Medical Technologies, AngioDynamics and other companies that make vein treatment equipment. First, there are those people who are interested in vein treatment either as a patient or as a medical professional. And second, there are those people who invest in stocks and who realized in the past year that VNUS could be a serious money maker and that other vein treatment makers could be impacted as a result.

People are continuing to support VNUS because there is strong belief that the company is going to continue to see large profits in the months to come. This is due in part to recent litigation that can increase the company's profits and in part to the belief that the company will come out with a new product that also does well on the market before too much time has passed.

People who have invested in some of the other vein treatment product makers aren't in such a clear cut position, though. For example, one analyst continues to place a "hold" on this stock under the belief that the company is going to have business troubles that make it difficult to obtain profits but that it isn't yet time to give up hope.

Question of the Day: Which vein treatment product makers should you invest in if you want to do well with your investments?

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