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FDA Cracks Down on Bad Varicose Vein Treatment

The FDA has taken a long hard look at some of the products that have been allowed on the market and decided to remove some of them from the market to keep consumers safer. One of those products is a product which some people have been using to treat varicose veins but which isn't really a good product for that purpose.

The product is a skin craem (that goes by various names) which includes the ingredient papain. These creams are used to treat a variety of different ailments including diabetic ulcers and certain wounds but the skin creams have been determined inappropriate for such use by the FDA. Doctors who had been prescribing these creams for varicose vein treatment will have to stop.

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Question of the Day: What alternatives to varicose vein skin cream could be recommended by doctors who can no longer prescribe papain?

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