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Our Doctors in the News: Joseph Magnant

The doctors in our network regularly make it into their local news headlines because of the success that they have had in treating varicose vein problems in their areas. Often the headlines are made because of the results that they have achieved in using the popular (and relatively new) VNUS Closure Fast method of vein treatment which impresses patients with its effectiveness and the ease of the procedure for the patient. That's precisely the case with headlines recently made by Dr. Joseph Magnant.

The article discusses the fact that varicose veins are both a cosmetic problem and a physical health problem. It talks about what can be done to heal varicose veins, focusing specifically on the popular VNUS Closure Fast treatment method which is used by so many great vein surgeons today. Dr. Magnant is quoted throughout the article which demonstrates his expertise in this area of treatment.

Question of the Day: Have you spotted your vein treatment doctor in the news lately?

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