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Vein Surgeries Keep Hospital Stay Lengths Down in Scotland

There is a big push towards getting hospitals in Scotland to release as many patients as possible on the same day that they are admitted to the hospital in order to save exorbitant sums of money per hospital. One of the surgeries that is making this goal successful is the treatment of varicose veins.

The hospitals are being urged to keep their costs down in order to reduce the strain on the health care budget and ultimately to allow for better care to more people in the country. This is being done by making sure that those patients who don't actually need to stay in a hospital overnight aren't doing so.

Varicose vein treatment has improved greatly in recent years and is now considered by most people to be an outpatient procedure. Patients who get this work done in a hospital definitely don't need to spend the night after the surgery except in the most extreme cases of complication or difficult surgery. Because of this, the rates looked at by hospitals in regards to keeping costs down are best for those hospitals that do a lot of procedures like varicose vein treatment.

Question of the Day: Should varicose vein treatment be done as an outpatient procedure at hospitals?

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