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Channel your Inner Yogi

Whether it is Bikram you love or Hatha tickles your fancy, yoga may be keeping your veins healthy. Varicose veins strike when your legs are not mobile; long hours sitting, working, long flight time or standing. In order to stifle the progress of varicose veins symptoms like swelling, bulging, aching and cramping get the blood flowing through your legs. If you’re suffering from weakened veins due to pregnancy, miscarriage, obesity, prolonged sitting, standing or flying Yoga may be your best home-remedy for alleviating unattractive and painful varicose vein issues.

So think about going to Lulu Lemon and buying yourself a snazzy yogi outfit, enrolling in the nearest Yoga Works and strapping into that inverted asana pose. Because these yoga positions increase the blood flow into your legs, which are situated the furthest from your heart and can thus increase your chances of varicose veins. Whether you are hoping to stop a future attack or simply prevent the veiny bulges from invading your legs, Yoga may be an ideal avenue for varicose vein prevention. For other information about varicose vein removal or to find a physician go to for the 411 on vein health.



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