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Varicose Vein Treatment could be used for Obesity Problems

Researchers at John’s Hopkins University released information today that varicose vein treatment significantly reduced the appetites of plump and healthy pigs. The researchers believe such methods can be used to treat obesity, rather than risky and drastic weight loss alternatives like gastric surgery.

The Reuters report says that,

“They injected a chemical into blood vessels supplying a very specific part of the stomach to cut off production of the hunger hormone ghrelin.”

This ultimately led to the pigs producing over 60% less of the hunger-inducing hormone.

If the secret to suppressing hunger lies in the veins, the vein-health industry may be in for a boom. Not only can we use the treatments to rid ourselves of unattractive and unhealthy spider and varicose veins, with this recent medical gem combating obesity may be resolved more feasibly and safely as well. Hundreds of thousands of obese patients perform bariatric surgery each year, a minimally invasive procedure like vein treatment has the potential to alleviate many of the complications induced by massive weight loss surgeries.

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