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Children, Yoga and Vein Health

Channel your child’s inner yogi. Kids are natural born yogis who frankly can out swing, tumble, twist or turn you. They run around the house, climb on anything they can get their hands, summersault and flip up and down as much as they can. So why not instill habits in them at a young age that can help them later in life. Yoga classes have the ability to keep children entertained, flexible and challenged. And in the midst of learning the best headstand or downward dog asana pose they can also maintain their vein health. Yoga is a home remedy that aids in the blood flow of veins throughout the body, which may help prevent varicose veins.

Here are some poses suitable for your youngster to try at home or at a Hatha Yoga class. The downward dog, cobra, bow, camel pose, bicycle ride, bridge and wheel. Not only will these positions provide hilarity for you and the yoga instructor, but your child will thoroughly enjoy prancing around like a dog or camel. So if you’re looking to do some mother-daughter activities or simply show your kids healthy lifestyle yoga is an ideal path for better vein health.



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