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Making Headlines

Varicose vein treatments are making headlines in this month’s Mayo Clinic Health Letter. The letter highlights available, efficient and effective removal procedures. It focuses on how easy post-removal rehab has become; how patients can go back to their normal routines or work right after scelerotherapy or laser removal. Similarly, the letter talks about a highly disregarded problem with venous disease: large gnarled and bulging varicose veins.

Most treatments are tailored to getting rid of the small varicose veins in legs, however many people have serious cases of ropy veins. The treatments outlined are: Catheter-assisted procedures using heat energy, Endoscopic vein surgery, Ambulatory phlebectomy, and Vein stripping.

The Mayo Clinic newsletter hopes to bring varicose vein treatments to the forefront of health issues, since over 40 million people suffer from the disease.



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