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Shake a Leg

Are your legs fit and primped for winter’s upcoming Holiday party season? Though we may pay more attention to our leg and vein health weeks prior to the festive fetes and New Years soirées, it’s important to give them ample tender love and care all year round. Nearly 6 million women fall victim to varicose veins, so why is it that with figures so astronomically high we tend to forget about our vein and leg health? Every month we self-check our breasts and get mammograms yearly, so it’s time we get into the habit of taking care of our legs. Rather than waiting till something goes wrong, prevent it from happening, after all prolonged untreated varicose veins may turn into serious health issues like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

Some of the warning signs are commonly disregarded: swollen ankles, aching legs and enlarged veins. Such symptoms are not serious problems, however it is a wise decision to treat the issues promptly. Even some of the simplest things like moisturizing your legs daily, exercise and eating healthy can aid in varicose vein prevention. So get a leg up on your vein health before the holiday festivities kick into full gear.



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