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Stomach Aches and Varicose Veins

Persistent stomachaches may usually be a minor health issue, however a recent study may link that tumultuous tummy to varicose veins. Imogen Taylor a recent mother started having severe stomachaches the two years after her daughter was born. The dulling, constant pain led her to get check-ups regularly, however GPs and Gynecologists were unable to find the issue. Until one day the pain was so terrible Imogen returned to her Gynecologist where she found an enlarged vein pushing up against her cervix. She had developed varicose veins her pelvic. A considerably strange area for varicose veins to develop, most women during or after pregnancy suffer from the ropy gnarled veins in their legs.

Pelvic varicose veins usually stem from numerous pregnancies, though they are still quite rare. Dominic Dodd a vascular surgeon based in the UK says,

“Sometimes the valves and veins simply do not recover. While varicose veins in the legs are visible, when they develop in the pelvis they are hidden and often undiagnosed. Like people with varicose veins in the legs, those with pelvic varicose veins experience intensified pain after standing for a long time because an upright position causes blood to pool in the swollen veins.”

Though they are fairly uncommon among young women it is important to maintain your vein health in all regions of the body that may be susceptible to this debilitating condition.



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