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Controversy of Varicose Vein Treatment


A nurse in the UK who has been plagued with varicose veins for years now has
been denied payment over her removal treatments. For a woman who has spent
prolonged hours working as a nurse standing up right all the time, it’s no
wonder she contracted a form of venous disease. The controversy stirs as
some physicians in the UK and US refuse to have insurance companies pay for
treatment, since so many people get treated for cosmetic purposes. But for
people like Toni whom have Grade’s 2, 3 or 4 the removal treatments are
necessary. There are definitely hazards to living with varicose veins.

The Surrey Herald reported saying, "I'm on my feet all day and by the end of
it I'm in absolute agony with the varicose veins.”My GP referred me to a
specialist, who said the veins need to be treated within the next five years
or I'm at risk of irreversible damage, leg ulcers and more. Toni, a
mum-of-three, considered getting the treatment privately after the trust's
refusal, but was told it would cost her £3,000. I have to wear compression
socks to ease it, but what I really need is treatment.”


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