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Minimally Invasive Procedures Set to Expand Globally


The United States and other western counterparts have been very successful
in implementing minimally invasive varicose vein removal procedures. From
laser treatments to radiofrequency occlusion, the market has significantly
expanded over the years. However, some are saying that the industry is
likely to grow in areas that require less-costly and time consuming
treatments like in Brazil.

PR News Wire discussed the possible increase, “The varicose vein treatment
device market in the country, widely considered to be one of the most
aesthetically-conscious in the world, is limited primarily by the Brazilian
universal public health system, which provides reimbursement for surgical
vein removal (stripping) procedures but not for more advanced, minimally
invasive procedures such as endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy. As a
result, patients must pay for these treatments out-of-pocket. Nevertheless,
procedure volumes for these minimally invasive alternatives will increase by
approximately 10% annually from 2009 to 2013 due to growing patient demand
for the superior cosmetic results and reduced postoperative pain associated
with these therapies.”

Surgical stripping has long been considered the go-to for venous disease
treatment in many parts of the world. However, as people become more
aesthetically driven and the tools and techniques become readily available
in less privileged countries, it may boom as it did in the US.


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