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No Pain, All Gain


Over the years medical technology has drastically improved post-op recovery
for patients in many fields. One of those successful fields is vascular
surgery and treating venous disease. With more than 40 million people
nationwide suffering from varicose veins and spider veins, technology is
dramatically improved not only the success rate of removal and stripping but
also pain. Many of these patients struggled day in and day out with their
gnarled veins bulging out, and for some the recovery was just as
painstaking. However, with procedures like laser removal, radiofrequency
occlusion and some others, pain is lessened as is recovery time.

KY3 News said, “You shouldn’t assume varicose veins are just nuisances that
come with aging. Damaged veins need medical attention, an technology just
keeps giving doctors new tools to fix the problems.”

Hopefully with more time, we can develop even faster more cost efficient
procedures to not only remove these ropy veins, but do so in a timely and
less painful manner than even now. Progress in the venous disease spectrum
has been great, and in fact more patients are becoming aware of the
importance of removal and treatment.


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