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Vanity in Veins


Varicose veins and spider veins plague millions of Americans, people suffer
from gnarled ropy unattractive veins. These uncomfortable and sometimes
painful veins cause more than just physical pain for the victims, often
times men and women with varicose veins suffer from serious emotional
scarring. Whether or not you flaunted your legs in your twenties, having
gnarled veins at fifty is quite the blow to self-esteem and appearance. Many
women find it a struggle to put on bathing suits while men are cautious
about wearing shorts and swim trunks. There is much vanity to varicose
veins, which is why removal and stripping treatments have gained much
popularity among the baby boomer population.

A personal recount of a women with varicose veins says, "I was very aware
when I was playing tennis" of how her legs looked — this from a woman who's
on the courts a couple of times a week. The final blow came when a friend
(who needs friends like this?) pointed to her leg and said, "Hey, you've got
a worm crawling up your leg!" Katros went off and wept."

She is among the other tens of millions of people dealing with both the
aesthetic and vanity pain coupled with the physicial torment and achiness
that varicose veins induce. For those of you suffering, removal treatments
come in a sundry of options: from laser removal to invasive stripping and
even radiofrequency, the treatments are available and affordable.


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