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Summer Jet-Setting


This holiday season start to protect your vein health by traveling safer and
guarding against Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). During those long haul flights
sitting in cattle class, it will be very beneficial to your health to wear
compression stockings, stretch out and walk around as much as you can in the

The Jewish Times of South Jersey said of DVT, "There are simple steps people
can take to help prevent blood clots from forming while flying. The American
Society of Hematology (ASH) offers the following tips: Walk around the plane
every few hours. • Drink lots of fluids. • Wear loose clothing. • Avoid
drinking alcohol before and during travel. Store carry-on luggage overhead
to give yourself leg room. Women taking oral contraceptives have a higher
risk of developing clots, as do pregnant women, smokers, seniors and obese

For you jet-setters young and old, take active control over your leg and
vein health especially with bathing suit season approaching rapidly, you
don't want your travel to adversely affect your aesthetics and health.


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