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Vein Treatments from Home


Generally when we think of spider vein and varicose vein removal treatments and methods we associate invasive treatments and recovery time with it. But in some cases there are at-home therapies that can aid in prevention or simply help patients with venous disease. Avon’s skin so soft age defying cream works like a make-up concealer and is known to help alleviate the unattractive sigh of varicose veins.

“I was so excited to get a preview package of Avon's new Skin So Soft Age Defying+ Flawless Legs. For those of use with thin skin and spider veins (yuck!) summer's a nightmare. Who wants to wear pantyhose all the time? This product promises to make legs "look dramatically more youthful and radiant" after two weeks, minimizing age spots, spider veins and cellulite.”

So this summer if you aren’t interested in painful or time consuming and even costly invasive procedures, try home remedies like these to get healthier legs.


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