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Alcohol and VTE


The American College of Cardiology released a study this week showing daily
alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in
older women. The study was focused on a variety of diet factors, but
alcohol was found to be the best contributing factor, having a 26% decreased
in number of VTE cases over a 19 year period.

The study went on to say, "for the practitioner, it can be problematic to
recommend alcoholic consumption. However, mounting epidemiologic evidence
would suggest that it is perfectly reasonable to report to patients that
moderate alcoholic consumption (one drink per day) is associated with better
health outcomes than abstinence or consumption of more than one alcoholic
drink per day."

The study emphasizes that only one drink a day is beneficial to health.
Excess consumption may counter your efforts, as well as lead to a variety of
other health problems. Alcohol in moderation can be a helpful tool to help
fight off cardiovascular disease as well as VTE. However, patients should
consult with their doctor before any drastic dietary changes are made.


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