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Free Clinic in Honduras


Dr. Rosenberg, a vascular surgeon from Charles Town, recently visited Honduras to participate in a free clinic for patients afflicted with vein-related issues. The experience allowed him the opportunity to help those who have been unable to receive treatment due to lack of resources and proper medical care.

In an article by The Journal, Rosenberg was quoted to say "I knew the quality of medical care there is poor, not because the doctors aren't good but because there aren't many of them so access to any doctor is limited. A lot of patients there are living with varicose veins because there is not a lot of means for private transportation so walking often puts a lot of stress on the legs. Also, many of the women there have had eight or 10 kids and pregnancy is a huge cause of varicose veins."

Doctors participating in the program treated over 500 patients, many with very serious venous disease complications. He went on to say that Americans are very fortunate to have access to such a wide variety of health care resources and should be thankful for the technology which is readily available.


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