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New Drug for Blood Clots


There is a high risk of blood clot formation in the lower extremities after major joint surgery. To reduce the risk, patients are often given blood thinners. A drug called Apixaban is a new oral medication that reduces the risk of blood clots while also reducing the risk of excess bleeding after surgery.

NewsOK reports that “the drug is still undergoing trials but could benefit the millions of baby boomers expected to have hip or knee replacement surgeries in coming years who are at risk of blood clots, also known as deep-vein thrombosis.”

Blood clots that begin in the leg after hip or knee surgery can break off and travel to the lung, causing a pulmonary embolism. Traditional blood thinners can lead to excess bleeding if complications occur. Drugs like Apixaban have been created to lower this risk. Apixaban is still in the trial phase.


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