Does Running Cause Varicose Veins?

“Did running cause my varicose veins?” This question is regularly asked by patients at Boulder Vein Center. The simple answer is no, running does not cause varicose veins. In fact, running is actually beneficial in the prevention varicose veins. As you run, muscles in the legs and feet pump blood back to the heart, improving circulation.

While your varicose veins may not have been caused by running, they may be keeping you from lacing up your sneakers. Untreated varicose veins can cause symptoms such as heaviness, swelling, fatigue and tiredness. These symptoms can cause severe leg pain and limit the daily activities you love. Even if you are not currently suffering from these symptoms, running with varicose veins can put extreme strain on the veins, causing swelling and leg pain.

Seeking treatment for varicose veins is the best way to eliminate your leg pain. Treatment options are minimally invasive and offer quick recovery time, allowing you to return to your active lifestyle with little down time. Following treatment for varicose veins, one patient said, “Before, I never felt like doing anything physical. Now, I’ve run a half-marathon!“ – D.P., actual patient.

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