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AngioDynamics Receives Vein Treatment Patent

AngioDynamics is a medical manufacturer which created the Nevertouch VenaCure system for vein treatment. They filed for their patent on the system several years ago and that patent has now finally come through. This allows the company to further promote the NeverTouch VenaCure system which they have likely been holding back on promoting until the patent was secure.

The main reason that patients are interested in the NeverTouch system as opposed to other types of laser vein treatment is that it is designed to be less painful and less damaging than other treatment options. This is due to the fact that a spacer within the machine keeps the laser fiver tip away from the wall of the vein vessel. The result is that there is less pain for the patient as well as less bruising to the vein. It is otherwise similar to the original VenaCure system which its name bears.

AngioDynamics could be a company to keep on an eye on if you're interested in further technological developments in laser vein treatment. This is because the company reportedly has some other patents for no-contact technology pending. There's always room for improved technology that will help veins heal more quickly!

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