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Brigitte Bardot: Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories

Former bombshell Brigitte Bardot was never a fan of plastic surgery. Instead of using cosmetic surgery to stay in the limelight as she got older, she moved on to other endeavors and let herself slip away from the spotlight. Bardot is in her seventies now and she looks like it as you can see from the pictures at a recent blog post that show Bardot 'then and now'. There's nothing wrong with aging naturally but it's no coincidence that Bardot's choice to not get any form of plastic surgery was aligned with her movement out of stardom. It would be interesting to see what Bardot might look like today if she'd gotten plastic surgery back then. That's not her story and that's okay but wouldn't it be neat if it was possible to digitally determine what Bardot would look like at seventy if she'd had work done at 40 to keep her Hollywood-perfect?

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