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How to Put on Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are frequently worn by people who are beginning to see signs of varicose veins. They may also be worn by the average person when engaging in certain activities, such as airline flights. Despite their rather regular use in the general population, many people fail to put compression stockings on properly, thereby reducing their usefulness.

Here are the steps to take to properly put on compression stockings:

- Fold the stocking in half so that the top half of the stocking is inside out (with the top half essentially rolled down to the heel).

- Insert your foot into the stocking. This should mean that your toes are inside the toe portion of the stocking and the inside out portion is now on your foot.

- Roll the inside out portion up the leg so that it is facing the right direction. Do this slowly so that the compression stocking remains appropriately tight. You should be using a smoothing motion of the hands, NOT pulling the stocking upwards with your fingers.

- When one leg is rolled all the way up in this manner, repeat with the other leg.

It's really not that difficult to put on compression stockings. The main problem which most people have is that they tug on the stockings instead of taking their time and rolling them up slowly. Turning the top portion inside out and then smoothing it open up the leg prevents this issue. Those people who continue to have difficulty sometimes use application aids to assist them.

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