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Don't Just Airbrush Away Varicose Veins

During Valentine's there was an amusing article in The Columbia Tribune about women who get boudoir-style photographs to give as a sexy gift to their husbands. One of the comments in the article is that the object of the photograph wanted her varicose veins airbrushed out. But then it went on to point out that the photograph isn't going to match the real thing so the recipient of the photo might be disappointed in the end. An obvious solution seems to be to actually go ahead and get those varicose veins removed.

Many of us these days look better in our pictures than we do in real life. We all have some basic photoshop skills and we all know a little something about using flattering light to take a photo. But then we have to go look in the mirror at the end of the day and the difference between what we see there and what we see in our pictures can be disappointing.

When the problems that make us feel unattractive are something that we can take care of, why not take care of them? Varicose vein removal is a fairly easy procedure which has gotten easier as the new VNUS Closure Fast treatment has become more ubiquitous. Forget airbrushing; brush up your real looks instead!

Question of the Day: What changes have you made to your photos recently?

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