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High Heels and Varicose Veins

Women who wear high heels may be more prone to getting varicose veins but that doesn't necessarily mean that they must immediately stop wearing them. By choosing heels well, wearing them properly and engaging in good varicose vein prevention, it is possible to wear high heels on a regular basis while protecting yourself from developing varicose veins.

Women who are going to wear high heels on a regular basis should consider wearing a lower heel as opposed to a higher one. They should also invest in getting good heels that are going to allow the weight of the body to be balance more evenly across the shoe than is possible with heels that are not well made.

Women who wear high heels regularly should make sure to engage in some good habits that reduce the likelihood of developing varicose veins. One is to make sure to wear a variety of different heels and to sometimes wear flat shoes to reduce the strain on the body. Another is to regularly remove the heels throughout the day to engage in short stretching exercises of the legs.

Women who wear high heels should also pay close attention to other common methods of varicose vein prevention. Understand the use of compression stockings. Make sure to maintain a healthy weight, eat well and exercise properly. Avoid prolonged sitting as well as prolonged repetitive activity on your feet.

If varicose veins do develop, they can be treated. However, prevention of varicose veins is always a better option.

Question of the Day: Should women who are concerned about developing varicose veins be wearing high heels on a regular basis?

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