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Treatment of Robison's Vein Problem Successful

Last week we reported that celebrity sports star Brian Robison was expected to have to undergo treatment for a varicose vein problem that had gotten out of control. He had varicose veins that were prominent in his leg from an early age but they had never given him problems in the past. Suddent pain in the veins made him realize that this was something that needed to be taken care of.

Robison did indeed undergo treatment for the varicose veins. It was found that he had two blood clots that posed a serious threat to his overall health. However, the vein treatment was successful and it appears that Robison is healing nicely. He expects to be back to jogging and other training within a week and says that he should be ready for his team's opening game in early September. This goes to show how easy, efficient and successful varicose vein treatment is today.

Question of the Day: How does Brian Robison's experience with varicose vein treatment raise awareness of the varicose vein issues in the sports community?
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