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When Varicose Veins Come Out of Nowhere

Varicose veins are one of those things that creep up on you. They may have been developing in your body for quite some time. You may have even noticed the signs in the past. But, just like wrinkles, they're one of those things that you suddenly notice one day and then you can't stop noticing them on yourself. That's why they are something that should be treated even if they aren't causing you any physical problems.

There are certain signs of aging that make us feel defeated about ourselves. We look at them and we think "wow, how did I get so old?" Even if we mostly like the fact that we are aging, maturing, growing up ... we still don't like it when there are things that make us look old. The crows' feet and the varicose veins are the things that need to go if we're going to feel good about ourselves.

Yes, I know, some would say that we should embrace the changes that our bodies go through as we age. Hogwash. To some extent, there's no point in fighting change. You're not going to look eighteen when you're forty. But you don't have to look sixty when you're forty either. Noticing things like varicose veins means that you are noticing your body betraying you and it means that it's time to get those veins fixed!

Question of the Day: Why is it that we don't notice varicose veins and then suddenly we do and we can't stop focusing on our self-consciousness about them?

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