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Seat Change


For years now the correlation between venous disease and airplanes has existed. For all those jet-setters the notion of varicose veins has surely entered your vain mind when thinking about what bikini to where whilst sipping on mojitos in St. Tropez. But the idea of which seat is worse for you rarely enters our minds. For the safe avid traveler, compression socks are the norm. Typically these are stocking like socks that maintain the blood flow and circulation even during endless hours of sitting.

But for those of you who are less adept to wearing stockings on airplanes you may want to consider which seat you actually sit in. It is said that many people who sit in the window seat for hours on end fall victim more frequently to venous disease because they tend to move less than people sitting in other seats. Perhaps this is because the poor window-er feels bad waking up his middle and aisle counterparts every few hours. Regardless of the reason, take better care when booking your next flight overseas.

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