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Increased Flight Routes and Possible DVT Rise


For nearly 2 million people worldwide travel is a way of life, whether it is
business or pleasure, we hop on airplanes and travel great distances. But
are we aware of the detriment this luxury may be causing to our vein health?
It is being said that new flying routes are being added day in and day out
globally, from direct flights to Dubai and South America alike, our worldly
ways may be harming our health. These increased flight routes may also mean
increase in Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) cases.

The National paper said, "Immobilisation has been linked to 75 per cent of
air-travel cases of DVT. Passengers move less in non-aisle seats and
correspondingly, more instances of the condition have been found in those
travellers. Common sense dictates that you should take an aisle seat if you
can, drink plenty of water, and reduce caffeine consumption and move about
as much as possible on-board."

A key factor and cause of DVT is prolonged hours of immobility – often times
induced from flying. So if the travel bug has bit you, it may be wise to
consider travelling safer and better. Use compression socks to increase the
blood flow and walk periodically to keep your legs moving during those
long-haul direct flights.

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