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Fly Safer


If you haven't heard already airlines are cutting back: charging people for
spacious exit row seats and removing first class cabins. Airlines all over
the world are feeling the cost-reduction necessity, but this may be causing
frequent flier health risks. For jet-setters who can't afford the luxuries
of business and first class, or simply can't pay for the extra leg room,
crammed cattle-class seems to be the go. Which has the ability to result in
detrimental side effects to your vein health.

Flying safe is key to preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and other vein
health issues like varicose veins. This means wearing compression
stockings, walking continuously throughout the cabins and perhaps even
avoiding the continuous long-haul flights if possible. Much easier said
that done especially for people traveling for business. So as airlines cut
back our luxuries, don't fall victim to venous disease, instead do your best
to fly safer and avoid the pain of gnarled varicose veins and DVT.

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