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Thinners and Blood Clot Risks


Nearly 1 million Americans suffer from Deep Vein Thrombosis or pulmonary
embolisms each year, many of which have resulted in death. DVT is a serious
problem that should be treated appropriately and immediately. Generally DVT
is found in people dealing with cancer, trauma, surgery or stroke. Risk
factors are heightened with patients over the age of 50 and those of which
that smoke. Because the risk factors vary and are considerably common,
physicians urge people to become aware of the treatments and preventative
methods availble for DVT.

The Baltimore Sun reported on blood thinners and DVT saying, "DVT is usually
treated with blood thinners that prevent the clot from growing and allow the
body's own clot-busting machinery to dissolve the clot slowly. Initial
treatment of a clot usually involves giving heparin by vein or under the
skin. These medicines work quickly."

For people constantly dealing with long-haul travel, it may be a wise
decision to invest in compression socks with hopes of increasing blood flow
in the veins and preventing DVT from occuring more quickly or dramatically.

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