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Treatment for Perforating Veins


Perforating veins are said to be one of the primary causes of varicose
veins. Over 20 million Americans suffer from varicose veins, and often
patients opt for invasive stripping removal methods or even radiofrequency
procedures. But a Houston based vascular surgeon is making advances in
treating such problems.

Marketwire said in the press release, "In Dr. Skellenger's experience with
primary varicose veins, he has found incompetent perforating veins to become
significant after endovenous laser treatment of the saphenous vein. The
reduction in the higher saphenous vein pressure following this treatment
allows lower pressure perforators to reflux back to the superficial system.
Incompetent perforators are quite often a major source of venous
hypertension and may cause venous stasis ulceration in addition to varicose

Depending on the type of venous disease at hand, there are a sundry of
available removal treatments from laser to surgical stripping.

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