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Stroke and DVT


More reports and discussion has been stirring in the news about Deep Vein
Thrombosis (DVT) and stroke patients. Recent studies had said that
compression socks do not aid in preventing DVT from stroke victims.
Generally post-stroke patients are struggling with blood circulation and
physicians worry about clotting which is why it was assumed compression
stockings which aid in both factors would greatly help. Compression
stockings are quite popular forms of prevention of DVT especially during
long-haul flights.

The ABC said, "Researchers believe the lack of benefit might be due to poor
compliance and fit, as well as stroke patients being older, sicker and
immobile for longer than surgical patients. They noted that two-thirds of
stroke patients cannot walk when hospitalised and 10% to 20% of those
patients will develop a blood clot in their legs, known as deep vein
thrombosis (DVT)."

Vascular surgeons still promote the use of compression stockings, in fact
urge high risk patients (smokers, diabetics and those with family history)
to wear them during flights and even regularly to keep their blood flowing
properly through their veins without clotting.

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