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February 2011 Blog Archive

Thursday, February 10, 2011
Affording Your Vein Treatment: Fitting Beauty Into the Budget

In today's economy, you may feel that your vein-free dreams are never going to be realized. But with so many options available for managing the cost of cosmetic venous treatments like endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy, why wait to get your veins treated?

Consider these options when exploring the best way to afford your treatment:

Insurance. Depending on your situation, health insurance may cover some of the costs of your chosen procedure. For example, treatment for varicose veins may be covered by insurance because they may cause pain and compromise blood circulation. The best way to determine insurance coverage is to consult your provider.

Financing. Both credit card and traditional loan use are options to consider for financing your vein treatment. You may also want to explore using specialized financial institutions that offer loans particularly for cosmetic procedures. Talking with your doctor or the facility’s office manager is a great way to find out if they have an existing relationship with a finance company, or if they offer in-house payment plans for patients.

Discounts. If you know the optimum results may require multiple treatment sessions, or if numerous veins are in need of treatment, talk to your specialist about individualizing the cost of treatment to fit your situation.

Before choosing the treatment option that is right for you, be sure to understand the cost of follow-up visits or subsequent treatment sessions. Being an informed patient and communicating with your specialist are the best ways to prepare for your treatment, both financially and aesthetically!

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