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Total Vein Expands Its ThermaLite Line of Laser Systems

Total Vein Systems™ has recently expanded its ThermaLite™ line of laser systems with a series of multi-specialty, maintenance free diode laser systems. ThermaLite™ lasers have a multitude of applications: spider & facial veins, cutaneous skin lesions, numerous general and vascular surgical applications and the very popular laser lipolysis.

“I have been performing laser assisted lipolysis for over five years and have utilized all other systems on the market. I now own four ThermaLite™ units, two 14W and two 30W, and find the ThermaLite™ to achieve superior results with skin contraction and contouring when treating the face, abdomen, chest, flanks, thighs, buttocks and back,” stated Boris Bergus, MD of B&B Cosmetic Surgery Centers in Southborough, Mass.

“Over the past year we have received numerous calls from physicians interested in getting the advanced 1470 technology in various configurations. We are pleased to offer the ThermaLite™ 1470 with either 14 or 30 watts and the ThermaLite™ II dual wavelength system; combining the 1470 wavelength with either a 532 or 940 diode. Both ThermaLite™ II systems come complete with a set of three hand pieces in 0.5, 1 and 3 mm diameter spot sizes. In addition, we now have the ThermaLite™ Nano, making 1470 technology more affordable and portable. The Nano is a 7 watt unit that weighs less than 10 pounds,” stated General Manager, David Centanni. For more information, call Total Vein™ at 888-868-8346.

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