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Monday, December 06, 2010
Veinwave™ is delighted to introduce two new products to sit either side of their flagship device, EVRF for treatment of larger leg veins and VBeauty for facial treatments only, thus providing a complete solution for cosmetic vein conditions for the aesthetician and nurse through to Vascular Surgeon.

The Veinwave™ is the world's most advanced treatment for effective removal of unwanted spider veins and telangiectasia. Used for nearly a decade by over 1,000 physicians in Europe and in 31 Countries worldwide, Veinwave™ received 510k clearance from the FDA to market in the USA. Designed primarily for vascular surgeons, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Veinwave™ uses a revolutionary process called Unipolar Thermo-Coagulation (UTC), wherein a unique localized energy is applied to the skin on top of the affected area, causing the vein walls to collapse and the vein to disappear instantly.

Vein removal with the Veinwave™ provides safe, quick, and dramatic reduction of unwanted veins on any skin type, including those patients with darker skin or of ethnic origin. The technology significantly minimizes pain and the risks of bruising, burning, scaring and pigmentation changes that are associated with alternative treatments such as lasers and other light based systems. As a result, Veinwave™ when used in combination with sclerotherpy (on legs) has become the treatment of choice for practitioners and patients alike, providing a relatively painless procedure with no bandages nor post-procedure care. Patients can resume regular activities and normal sun exposure immediately following treatment.

EVRF™ - Taking Veinwave™ further - The combined use of Veinwave in conjunction with Sclerotherapy is generally considered the ideal partnership when looking to treat veins of all sizes. Veinwave has been used to treat those up to 0.3mm and sclerotherapy for everything larger. Veinwave’s design team have been seeking to create a method to eliminate the dependence on sclerotherapy and have devised a technique which utilizes the very same principle of thermocoagulation (used in Veinwave) which enables the total treatment of veins from the smallest veins up to varicose veins of 4mm. Both applications are now packaged into one device creating the complete vein solution. The new EVRF™ has just been launched – albeit with its use limited to the integral Veinwave settings whilst the makers await FDA Clearance for its new endovenous applications.

This new device, therefore, requires the use of either an ultra fine insulated needle or a endovenous catheter depending on the size of vein you want to treat. For fine spider veins and telangiectasia, the Veinwave technique is used in the same way as we do with the stand alone Veinwave device but for the larger veins, you simply select that option on the touch screen and use the catheter as directed

Although cleared for use elsewhere, the EVRF™ has the Veinwave™ technology built-in enabling US Surgeons to purchase this desk top device now and use the upgradable functions once they are cleared by the FDA. The unit has a modern compact design and benefits from Intuitive touch screen graphics and a multi-pulse foot pedal.

VBEAUTY™ - The Aesthetic Solution - To complete the range, for those clinics operated by aestheticians, nurses and other technicians, Veinwave’s sister device, the VBEAUTY™, is now also available to provide a low cost solution for those troublesome facial telangtasia that are hard to treat with other technologies. All the benefits of Veinwave for those who don’t treat leg veins.

Sunday, July 12, 2009
FDA Approves New Vein Technology

The FDA has recently approved a new technology called Veinwave that is currently in use in the UK. Veinwave is set to be released to US doctors in September and is to be introduced at vascular conferences and exhibitions. This new technology minimizes the risks associated with conventional vein removal such as burning, scarring, or skin coloration.

Sovereign Medical Health released a press release explaining this new procedure. "Utilizing the process of UTC (Unipolar Thermo-Coagulation), Veinwave applies a unique localized heat energy, via an ultra fine insulated needle, causing the vein walls to collapse and the vein to disappear instantly."

The creators of Veinwave are excited about the opportunity to market their product in the US. Dozens of doctors have already expressed interest in receiving information on the technology. Advancements in safety and efficiency are welcomed in the profession and Veinwave may provide doctors with a new option in vein care.

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