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Depending on your situation, the first approach before offering varicose vein treatments is the use of compression stockings, or also known as compression hoses or compression socks. These may help relieve some of the symptoms and move blood more efficiently through your legs.  There are a number of brands to choose. These stockings have been proven to help with the treatment of varicose veins. 

Compression stockings are a simple, inexpensive way to treat varicose veins. These specially fitted hose are designed to reduce the pooling that occurs in spider and varicose veins. Although wearing hose won’t eliminate varicose veins, they can help alleviate symptoms caused by the veins, such as aching, heaviness, and swelling as well as help prevent worsening of the veins. Wearing compression stockings can also reduce the risk of developing blood clots from long plane or car rides.

The stockings apply pressure in a gradient fashion- highest around the ankle with less pressure as they go up the leg. This helps milk the blood back up the leg towards the heart. They come in various strengths and should be prescribed by your physician. They can range in price from about $50-$125. Prices vary. Prescription-strength stockings also are available. Your doctor will either supply you with hose or give you a prescription to be used in a medical supply store. Over-the-counter hose offer less compression than do the prescription variety and may not be adequate.

Remember that there are a few brands that are used by the physicians.  Any of these major brands are effective for their purpose. Please note that, like many other items, you pay more for a certain name brand.  The compression stockings we have in our shopping area are affordable and offer adequate support. They are not the most expensive brand, however, they have been proven to be effective for their purpose.

If you purchase some, please remember that compression stockings are worn all day.

Stockings come in a variety of strengths, styles and colors. With the variety offered, you're likely to find a stocking that you're comfortable wearing.

Please note that compression stockings should be strong but not very tight. If you have weak hands or arthritis, getting these stockings on may be difficult. There are devices to make putting them on easier.

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