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"I had varicose veins that I had treated in about 5yrs ago by some doctor in LA county. In 2007 I noticed that they came back and it was getting painful. I found Advanced Vein Center closer to my home in Orange County California. I was excited about the new Laser Treatments available today, so I thought that I would give it a try. Dr. Hoyle was a very nice man and had control of his staff to convince me that he could do the job. My surgery took about 2 1/2hrs because my veins were in bad shape and difficult to treat. Upon my checkup three weeks later, the doctor admitted to me that he missed a vein that would still cause me trouble. So that very instant he treated it with a minor procedure that would fix it right up. I was so impressed with Dr. Hoyle because he spoke the truth to me and didn't try and make excuses. He made me feel that I was more important to him than making up some excuse to get me to pay for another surgery. I go back in one year for a checkup to see how I'm doing, but the doctor says that most of the time the problem doesn't come back when you've had laser surgery. Today my leg looks and feels great compared to the way it use to be. Thanks to Dr. Hoyle and his staff for getting the job done right."

Alexander H., age 56, Anaheim, California

Patient Testimonial

"Hello to all the wonderful Ladies at the Advanced Vein Center and Dr. Hoyle! Well, it's been over a week since my last treatment. Still healing somewhat, just from some bruising, but I have to share with you something. I suffered on a daily basis from restless legs syndrome (RLS) prior to having the treatments. I went in originally just to treat my ugly varicose veins (which are now gone), but am blessed to discover it has relieved me of RLS! There are still minor occasions when I can feel it acting up, but not daily anymore, that's for sure! What a relief!!! Thanks for always getting me right in, making me feel comfortable and working so wonderfully with my insurance to cover this wonderful procedure. I can now wear shorts and skirts without embarrassment! Much success to you all!"

Stacie M., age 40, Costa Mesa, California

Patient Testimonial

I chose Dr. Hoyle and the Advanced Vein Center because of his impressive credentials and I was not disappointed. My experience with Dr. Hoyle and his staff went over and beyond what I could have expected. Not only were the results simply fantastic, but the staff was extremely helpful and patient with answering all the many questions that I had before and after the procedure. The whole experience couldnt have possibly gone any better than it did. I had my varicose veins for many years. The pain and heaviness in my right leg, which was really limiting my ability to enjoy hiking and climbing (two of my favorite hobbies) is gone. The surgery was so minimally invasive (after the anesthetic took effect, I did not feel the catheter, or laser doing their work, and after about 1/2 an hour all was done) and the recovery was almost immediate. I encourage anyone who has suffered with varicose veins for a long time to pursue this treatment with Dr. Hoyle.

Lyn D., age 53, Tustin, California

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