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Facility Information

Nu Vela Esthetica

Nu Vela Esthetica is a multidisciplinary practice, specialized in minimally invasive medical aesthetic enhancement services and Phlebology, the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease.

The center offers cutting edge treatment protocols that are highly successful in treating the whole spectrum of vein disease from spider veins to bulging varicosities. These treatments are performed with special emphasis on minimally invasive and non-surgical techniques as well as customized combination of therapies to relieve the pain, fatigue and swelling caused by varicose veins and to improve vascular health and overall skin appearance. The varicose vein treatment options offered by Dr. Dishakjian include foam sclerotherapy, the VNUS Closure procedure, and Endovenous Laser Treatment. Spider vein removal on the other hand, is achieved either with sclerotherapy or laser vein treatment.

The combination of the state of the art technology with Dr. Dishakjian’s passion for aesthetics as well as his background training and certification in anesthesia offers a unique set of skills that distinguishes his practice from that of others. Although by training Dr. Dishakjian is considered a vascular access specialist, he takes most pride in providing services with the best possible cosmetic outcome, in a caring, safe and comfortable environment, with special attention to minimizing pain and discomfort. 

Dr. Dishakjian always performs all vein procedures personally. His patients appreciate the one-to-one Doctor/patient relationship and his easy accessibility.

What to Expect

Initial consultation with Dr. Dishakjian, the practice's medical director, is complimentary. It includes assessment of your medical history and a relevant physical exam. A nominal fee is charged for the Duplex Ultrasound exam, if needed. This exam will give the doctor a detailed picture of both the anatomy and function of the venous system and it will help diagnose poor vein function of not only the superficial but also the deep vein networks of the legs. At the end of the consultation you will have a basic understanding of your venous dysfunction, the available treatment options, and whether they are considered purely cosmetic or medical in nature.
Typically, most isolated spider and thin blue veins are considered cosmetic and therefore not medically necessary. Medically indicated treatments are often covered by your insurance plan or Medicare.   
All diagnostic testing and vein treatments are provided within a comfortable, welcoming environment on outpatient basis in our office.  In all cases, Dr. Dishakjian personally performs the Duplex Venous Ultrasound Exam and all the necessary therapeutic procedures, and makes himself accountable from start to finish.


If a treatment is deemed medically necessary, our office will contact your insurance company and find out the extent of your coverage. We will provide the necessary documentation to your insurance company and get prior authorization, when indicated. Our office will also handle all insurance billing. In some cases, a deposit may be required until Insurance reimbursement is issued. For patients lacking health insurance, special arrangements could be made, including 0% financing and credit card transactions.

Physicians' Background

Raffi Dishakjian, M.D.

Dr. Dishakjian is a phlebologist,  a Board-Certified anesthesiologist and physician, specialized in aesthetic medicine and in vascular, or varicose vein therapy. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology since 1995, with more than 15 years of operating room experience. Dr. Dishakjian is a highly skilled and trained physician in venous system treatments, including sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, the innovative Vnus® Closure procedure, and the potent Cutera® laser.

Certifications and Memberships:

• Board Certified Anesthesiologist on staff at Southern California’s West Hills hospital and Medical Center for more than 13 years.
• Member of the American College of Phlebology – the largest U.S. multi-specialty medical society dedicated to the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins and leg ulcers.
• Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery – a multi-specialty medical society dedicated to the study and advancement of aesthetic surgery.
• Member of the International Meso-Lipotherapy Society - Dr. Dishakjian trained with Dr. Rittes and Chubaty who pioneered the injection Lipotherapy treatment for eliminating unwanted fat pads non-surgically.
• Medical Director and service provider at Chevy Chase Ambulatory Surgery Center in Glendale, California.

Procedures & Services

At Nu Vela Esthetica, you receive the highest level of personalized care and service possible. Treatment is tailored to each individual after a thorough and unrushed consultation.
Office Based vein Services Offered

• Comprehensive Venous Evaluations
• Diagnostic Duplex Ultrasound exams and Screening
• Endovenous RF Occlusion of Saphenous Veins (VNUS Closure)
• Endovenous RF Occlusion of Perforator Veins (VNUS Closure RFS)
• Sclerotherapy
• Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy
• Varicose Vein Surgery (Mini/ambulatory phlebectomy)
• Intense Pulse Light Therapy  (Sciton Profile Laser)
• Surface Laser Vein Treatments (Cutera Xeo Laser)
• Compression Stockings
• Insurance Counseling and Billing

Facial Rejuvenation with Laser & Light Treatments:

• Photofacial (IPL) treatments for Sun Damage, Brown Spot and Rosacea
• Titan ® Skin Tightening - the true “lunchtime” facial tightening procedure
• Laser Skin Resurfacing and Microlaserpeel  (Sciton profile ®)
• Laser Facial Vein Treatments

Facial Aesthetics & Wrinkle Treatments:

Botox ®, Restylane ®, Juvederm ®, Radiesse ®, Sculptra ®, fat grafting, chemical peels

Additional services

• Non-Surgical Liposuction (also known as Lipodissolve ®)
• Laser Hair Removal (supervised by M.D.)
• Laser  acne/blue light treatments

Services Offered

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Under eye reticular vein laser therapy

The bulging leg veins of this woman were treated with foam sclerotherapy. The procedure was performed by Dr. R. Dishakjian, the vein specialist at Nu Vela Esthetica.

Dr. R. Dishakjian, the vein specialist at Nu Vela Esthetica, has treated the spider veins of this patient with sclerotherapy.

Nose spider veins treated with Cutera's long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser. The procedure was performed by Dr. R. Dishakjian of Nu Vela Esthetica.

Under eye reticular vein laser therapy.

Nu Vela Esthetica specializes in minimally invasive vein treatment procedures. The varicose vein treatment options offered by the Center include foam sclerotherapy, the VNUS Closure procedure, and Endovenous Laser Treatment. Spider vein removal on the other hand, is achieved either with sclerotherapy or laser vein treatment.

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