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Albert Vein Institute

James D. Albert, M.D.
10807 New Allegiance Drive, Suite 450
Colorado Springs, CO 80921-3794



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Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 4:30pm
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Denver Location:

9400 Station Street, Suite #200
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124

Office: 303-797-Vein (8346)
Toll Free: 1-888-550-8346
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Facility Information

 The Albert Vein Institute provides a full-service, comprehensive approach to treating a variety of vein conditions in a new, state-of-the-art facility. All perspective patients receive a complimentary initial exam to determine if a vein problem, such as spider or varicose veins, is merely cosmetic or if there’s a more severe medical issue.

Once the vein problem and treatment have been determined, the institute staff works with the patient to address all insurance requirements prior to care.  All procedures are done in the elegantly appointed and technologically advanced Albert Vein Institute, and follow up care is provided to ensure long term success.

The Albert Vein Institute is the only outpatient center in Colorado providing a full range of state-of-the-art diagnosis and outpatient treatment for varicose and spider veins, using the CoolTouch CTEV™1320 laser to gently close and eliminate varicose veins. With this minimally invasive procedure there is little or no pain, recovery is rapid, and there are no stitches, scarring, or bruising.  Since opening the Institute in 2006, Dr. Albert and his staff have cared for nearly 4,000 patients in the Colorado Springs, Denver and Pueblo areas.


Physicians' Background

James D. Albert, MD
Cardiovascular Surgeon

Dr. Albert is Board Certified in Cardiothoracic Surgery and Board Certified in Phlebology. He served as Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs from 1998 to 2005. Dr. Albert received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School; general surgery residency and trained in General Surgery at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical College; Cardiovascular Surgery fellowship at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Dr. Albert has had over 60 articles published in 60 major medical journals.

After training and practicing cardiothoracic surgery for more than 20 years, Dr Albert left his position as chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs to take on a new challenge. He recognized that technical advances in the treatment of venous disease offered a new opportunity. He developed a state-of-the-art facility where all diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of medical and cosmetic venous disease could be provided. Thus the Albert Vein Institute (AVI) was founded in 2006.

Since then, AVI has become a nationally recognized center for vein treatment. More than 3,000 patients have been treated. AVI is devoted exclusively to the care of venous issues.

Dr. Albert is the only physician in Colorado who is board certified in both thoracic surgery and the growing specialty of phlebology and exclusively devoted to the latter.

Procedures & Services

Services Provided: 

  • Bilateral Duplex Scan (Venous Reflux Study)
  • Unilateral Duplex Scan (Limited Vein Study)
  • Studies for Patent Foramen Ovale
  • Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)
  • Micro-Phlebectomy's
  • Ultrasound Guided Sclerotheraphy

Sclerotherapy (Leg Veins) 

Advanced Cosmetic Laser treatments with the Gemini 1064/532 & Venus including:

  • Acne
  • Face Veins
  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Sun Spots/ Skin Discoloration
  • Wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • Melasma
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

Cosmetic Treatments:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels
  • Dermaplane
  • Cryogen Therapy


Services Offered

Albert Vein Institute offers a wide variety of spider vein treatments and varicose vein treatments in Colorado Springs.

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