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Carolina Vein Center - Southpoint

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Facility Information

Carolina Vein Center is a comprehensive vein clinic specializing solely in the management and treatment of both medical varicose veins and cosmetic spider veins.  We also offer other cosmetic services including Botox and Juvederm.

Free Seminars

Education seminar includes free dinner, dessert and Target gift card to each attendee. A brief presentation on solutions to leg symptoms, “Liberate your Legs – no more tired, achy, heavy, swollen, legs” will be given during dinner. Both medical and cosmetic leg vein concerns will be reviewed, as well as, an explanation on evaluations, treatment options and insurance coverage.

The seminars are usually offered twice monthly at area restaurants.

Call Fran Alexander 919-403-1075, to attend or request a seminar in your area.

Physicians' Background

About Lindy McHutchison, MD

Dr. McHutchinson became interested in Phlebology, the diagnosis, treatment and management of varicose veins (venous disease) after having her own veins treated. Dr. McHutchison began training with notable physicians in the field of Phlebology, first at the Duke Vein Clinic with Dr. Cynthia Shortell, and subsequently, she completed an extended clinical training with Dr. John Mauriello, a pioneer in modern Phlebology. She also trained with Dr. John Kinglsey in Birmingham, AL, another nationally known phlebologist.

Dr. McHutchison began working with Dr. Mauriello at the VeinHelp Clinic in Durham. When Dr. Mauriello moved to Florida, Dr. McHutchison acquired the VeinHelp clinic, now Carolina Vein Center. Dr. McHutchison is a member of the American College of Phlebology (ACP and an active member of the ACP’s specialty recognition committee. Learn more about Phlebology at

She attended medical school at LSU in Shreveport, LA and completed her Ob/Gyn residency at UCS’s LA County Hospital in LA, CA.  Prior to her interest in varicose veins, Dr. McHutchison practiced Ob/Gyn for 12 years in San Diego, where she also managed varicose veins in her pregnant patients. Although she is board certified in Ob/Gyn and still passionate about women’s health care, Dr. McHutchison now practices Phlebology full time.

Dr. McHutchison enjoys playing tennis, ballroom dancing and swimming. She admits, "I love doing veins - veins are my hobby!"

Procedures & Services

Carolina Vein Center also offers Botox, Juvederm, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy, and Duplex Ultrasound.

Services Offered

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72 year old woman with tired, achy heavy legs from varicose veins 9 weeks after vein ligation and ambulatory Phlebectomy both performed in a single procedure visit.

This 56 year with unsightly, painful legs underwent endovenous laser ablation and Ambulatory Phlebectomy on the right leg. One month later, his left leg was treated. The patient decided not to treat the residual cosmetic spider veins around the inside of the right knee.

This 41 year old secretary complained of aching, throbbing pain and leg cramps. She had endovenous laser ablation to treat the leaking (refluxing) vein in her thigh and Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Two months after the procedures you can barely see the micro-incisions along the inside of the leg.

This 44 year old homemaker complaining of tired, aching, throbbing leg pain with swelling especially at the end of the day. She had endovenous laser ablation to treat the leaking (refluxing) vein in her thigh and Ambulatory Phlebectomy of the bulging veins on the inside of the calf down to the top of her foot.

Unsightly varicose veins can also affect the feet. Six weeks after Ambulatory Phlebectomy this patient was able to wear sandals without pain and embarrassment.

This 36 year old female after 4 treatment sessions of simple injection Sclerotherapy.

This 35 year old female complained of burning and itching along with her unsightly spider veins on the back of her legs. She underwent 4 treatments of simple injection Sclerotherapy on both legs.

This 61 year old female had extensive spider veins with no symptoms. She wore pants or dark hose to hide her veins. After 8 treatments (the more severe the condition, the more treatment sessions are needed) of injection Sclerotherapy, she wears shear hose and skirts.

This patient was embarrassed of her ankes and found them hard to cover up. After 3 treatments of injection Sclerotherapy she wore sandals.

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