Varicose Vein Closure

What is the Closure procedure?

The VNUS Closure procedure is a recently developed technique for the treatment of varicose veins. The procedure is minimally invasive and is performed as an outpatient. The technique involves placement of a small tube (radiofrequency catheter) inside the varicose vein and heating the vein. The heat energy causes the vein to collapse and eventually disappear. Once the vein has disappeared, it can no longer collect blood. Following the procedure, a bandage is placed over the needle site, and additional compression is provided to keep the area clean. One is encouraged to walk and resume all normal activities

The Closure procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes. Some patients report mild pain during the Closure procedure. For those who can not stand any pain, a local anesthetic can be given to numb the skin.

The majority of individuals resume their normal activities in a day. Continued walking and a resumption of normal activities are highly encouraged. For those into sports, a delay of 5-7 days should be appropriate.

Most patients report marked improvement in their symptoms within 1-2 weeks following the procedure. The cosmetic appearance usually takes a few more months.

Potential complications include:

- Vein

- Formation of blood clots

- phlebitis

- hematoma

- infection

- paresthesia (numbness or tingling)

- Skin burn.

Is the Closure treatment covered by my insurance?

The Closure procedure costs range from $ 300-500. If you have symptoms from your varicose veins, some reimbursement may be allowed by the insurance companies.

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