How Does Ambulatory Phlebectomy Work?

Whether you're in Spartanburg, South Carolina or another area of the country, varicose veins can be quite embarrassing and may lead to self-consciousness. Their unsightly, bulging appearance can hurt self-confidence, while varicose veins may also cause heaviness and pain in the legs. If you have varicose veins, speak with a vein specialist in the community to discuss possible treatment options such as ambulatory phlebectomy. This is a procedure that utilizes tiny incisions to remove problem veins.

To begin, the patient will stand up and the physician will mark the veins to be treated with a surgical marker. The physician will then clean the treatment area thoroughly and apply a local anesthetic for patient comfort throughout treatment. Tiny incisions are then made over the veins and vein hooks are used to remove the problem vein. Because they are so small, the incisions do not require sutures. The incisions even allow excessive fluid to drain. Pads are placed next to the treated area to absorb fluid and compression bandages are applied.

The compression bandage should be worn for about one or two days and compression stockings should then be worn for about three weeks to aid in healing. Most patients are able to resume normal activities in one to three days, although this varies. Patients should avoid heavy lifting and prolonged standing, however. Patients should walk shortly after the procedure, as the contracting muscles help to get rid of the excess fluid.

There are certain risks and complications that have been associated with ambulatory phlebectomy. Bleeding and infection are possible risks associated with this procedure, as well as other procedures. The incisions typically heal without scarring, although darker skinned individuals may require a longer period of time before the incisions fully fade. Other side effects may include discoloration of the surrounding skin, numbness and tingling. These typically resolve on their own, however.

The cost of ambulatory phlebectomy varies and may be covered by insurance. Before insurance covers the cost of the procedure, however, patients may be required to try more conservative options such as compression stockings and various home remedies such as weight loss and exercise. For further information, patients who are interested in ambulatory phlebectomy should speak with a vein specialist in the Spartanburg area as well as their insurance company.

As each case differs, patients with varicose veins should discuss their condition and treatment options with a medical professional to ensure they receive the proper consultation before undergoing any procedure.

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