How ELVeS Treats Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are problematic for a lot of patients in Plano, Texas or other areas due to the unaesthetic appearance of the veins, as well as the various symptoms associated with the condition. Patients may feel pain and discomfort in the area, and the veins often appear bulging and discolored. To treat these troubling veins, a procedure known as endo laser vein system, or ELVeS may be utilized. The procedure requires the use of laser energy that damages the vessel walls, causing them to collapse and shrink so that other veins in the area will take over blood flow.

The physician will first identify the veins using ultrasound, and will then use a local or topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Next, an IV is used through which the laser fiber is inserted into the vein. The laser light then damages the vessel walls so the veins close and blood can no longer flow through them. The energy is absorbed by the blood as well as the vessel walls. Other tissue and veins in the area are not damaged, as the procedure selectively targets the problem veins.

After treatment, a compression garment may be applied to the treated area to aid in healing, and the patient is likely to be asked to walk around the treatment room. After about 20 minutes, patients are allowed to leave and return to work or other normal daily activities, although they should avoid exercise and strenuous activities. Compression stockings should be worn for about a week to help the area heal. Any pain and discomfort may be treated using an over-the-counter pain medication, although it is important that patients check with their Plano doctor to ensure that it is safe to take any medication.

Some patients feel a pulling sensation around the treatment area, and a small number of patients will develop blood clots following the ELVeS procedure. Numbness has also been associated with this treatment method. For most patients, the numbness goes away after a short while; but some report permanent numbness in the treatment area. Cooling systems are used to help avoid complications and side effects during the actual procedure. Patients are encouraged to discuss these and other possible risks with their doctor before undergoing treatment. Patients will also discuss their candidacy for ELVeS or other procedures to ensure it is safe for them. 

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